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DATAFILTR has transformed our approach to schools and colleges liaison work. It is a powerful tool which the University has embraced. Our initial journey with DATAFILTR centred more around the analysis of our current feeders and discovering new potential markets. More recently, additional data and enhanced features have led to a further improvement in the way we can analyse and evaluate. We have forged a very constructive partnership with DATAFILTR who genuinely listen to our feedback and suggestions for improvement which is very refreshing. DATAFILTR are developing software which has a genuine ROI for our institution.

Dave Roylance, Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment - Cardiff University

We have used Datafiltr to redesign the way we prioritise schools and colleges across the UK and this has been a vital tool when revising recruitment strategy across our university. We’ve already seen a huge increase in HE Fair bookings compared to last year (in 2021 - before we had Datafiltr) of 55% and rising. We now use Datafiltr to look more closely at subject potential for our Gold / Silver and Bronze lists and we are looking forward to continuing to be informed by data when planning our next round of targeting in the coming months. Sean and the team are very helpful and willing to be pushed with the platform too, big thanks to Nathan for programming all we needed to make our strategy watertight.

Alice Lloyd (Nee Vellender), Student Recruitment and Outreach Manager - University of Gloucestershire

We’ve just signed up to Datafiltr here at Lancaster University and it’s already proving tremendously impactful and purposeful for our schools and colleges engagement in two key areas. Firstly, it’s enabled us to profile schools and colleges in a significantly more detailed way drawing on the many datasets contained in the product, all in one place. This in turn has helped us to identify target schools and colleges, UK wide, for recruitment and widening participation activity both at an institutional and faculty level. Secondly, the ability for the University to record all our school and college interactions in once place (and not on a myriad of separate spreadsheets !) has encouraged transparency, openness and efficiencies between various stakeholders and teams engaging with schools on and off campus. In short, we love Datafiltr and we highly recommend it!

Fred Binley, Head of UK Student Recruitment and Widening Participation, Lancaster University

I have just received the most comprehensive and detailed student recruitment report during my time at University of East London, which was produced using Datafiltr. It provides insight and analysis of my school’s key feeders and has identified prospective feeder schools and colleges with which we can engage.

Professor Simon Robertshaw MA (RCA) FRSA, Dean of School, Arts & Creative Industries, University of East London

Datafiltr is a brilliant time-saving tool when it comes to the work we do in Student Recruitment. It brings together a number of sources from across the web and allows complex queries to be run in a matter of minutes. When compared to scouring the web in search of answers, Datafiltr saves me hours each month.

Lee Dudding, Edge Hill University

Datafiltr has revolutionised our ability to accurately identify key target schools and colleges. Having all this powerful data in one place has enabled us to accurately target our resources in areas of high potential return on investment. Using Datafiltr has made a hugely positive contribution to our successful geo-targeting campaigns and the friendly Datafiltr team are always on hand to help and advise.

Julie Pink, Head of Schools and Colleges Liaison Service, University of Huddersfield

Datafiltr is an excellent tool for planning, managing and delivering a targeted recruitment activity schedule. It offers excellent functionality for investigating the recruitment profile of your targets. Datafiltr produces reports in an effective visual format which are easy for stakeholders to interpret. The datafiltr team have been helpful, informative and flexible in meeting our requirements and requests.

Tom Hyde, Head of UK Student Recruitment, University of the Arts London

I have worked with Datafiltr across several different institutions, with great success. At Edge Hill, we use a regional relationship model and have now invested in Datafiltr to help provide market insight for all of our designated regions, but also to ensure that we are covering the whole market effectively. We will use Datafiltr to help us to identify potential new feeders, both for the University as a whole but also for particular subject areas.

Simon Jenkins, Head of Student Recruitment, Edge Hill University

Datafiltr provides us with the opportunity to monitor school engagement against a variety of factors, providing us with the ability to create targeted campaigns based around everything from school attainment to proximity of the University.

Adele Ruston, Schools and Colleges Liaison Manager, University of Nottingham

We have used Datafiltr for years now and have found it to be an extremely useful and user-friendly way of analysing existing and potential feeder schools and colleges. It helps us to make informed decisions relating to recruitment activities to that we can maximise our effectiveness. The Datafiltr team are very supportive and listen to the needs of their customers. The annual meeting is a great opportunity to share best practice and make suggestions for improvements.

Alix Hickman, Schools and Colleges Liaison Coordinator, University of Winchester

Datafiltr is a regularly used tool by the entire team, and not only helps us improve on decision making around our school visits, but we have also created part of our national schools liaison strategy through the analysis it provides. We recently expanded use of this tool to include colleagues from several other departments across the University which has enabled us to work together more effectively.

Gwenllian Owen, Student Recruitment Manager, Swansea University

Datafiltr has greatly enhanced our ability to target specific schools, colleges and regions for the work we conduct in Student Recruitment but also to engage our academic community in working more collaboratively with our central function. We, like many institutions, have previously struggled with capturing interactions with schools taking place across the institution but Datafiltr, as a platform, has provided a much stronger base to work from in convincing colleagues to ensure all activity is recorded.

Elliot Newstead, Student Recruitment Manager, Future Students Office, University of Leicester

Datafiltr is an extremely useful and user-friendly way of analysing existing and potential feeder schools and colleges, as well as subject provision at these institutions. It helps the marketing department and wider university make evidence-based, informed decisions relating to recruitment activities so that we can maximise our impact. The Datafiltr team, and Sean in particular, are incredibly supportive and listen to the needs of their customers.

Jordan Evans, Principal Market Intelligence Officer, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

What took hours, days and sometimes even weeks using the in-house processes and systems at my previous institution, Datafiltr can do in seconds!

Vicky Downie - Senior Manager Outreach and Widening Participation, London South Bank University

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"…Through some careful filtering and a bit of blue sky thinking, we were successfully able to embed school segmentation into our work resulting in a 2% rise in applications from target schools at a time when the demographic dip is at its lowest.…"

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"…Just implementing the system has brought our UK Recruitment and WP teams together as it has facilitated discussions around how we store data about events carried out across both teams, with the overall aim being to have consistent naming conventions, rating, details and comments.…"

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