Datafiltr Customer Story

The University of Sheffield

A quick look at how our relationship with The University of Sheffield has helped them connect their teams and centralise the way they look at schools.

Vicky Peace

Senior Insight Officer (Widening Participation). The University of Sheffield.

We subscribed to Datafiltr following an interesting visit from Sean who came and spoke to members of our Widening Participation and the UK Recruitment teams. Sean and his team helped us set up the system over the last few months, enabling us to utilise all the features such as market share calculations, filtering by applications data and other school information of interest to the WP team such as Free School Meals.

Just implementing the system has brought our UK Recruitment and WP teams together as it has facilitated discussions around how we store data about events carried out across both teams, with the overall aim being to have consistent naming conventions, rating, details and comments - which will help massively with reporting and ultimately understanding the full picture of our school liaison and WP activities.

We have access to the POLAR3 report which enables us to query the data we have in the system and perform searches quickly on schools based on this. We look forward to utilising this feature more fully in the future.

The Free School Meals filter is excellent as you can query the system to just bring you back those school with above the national average of eligible FSM students.

"Just implementing the system has brought our UK Recruitment and WP teams together"

We have also made use of the labelling feature by uploading our WP target school lists into separate lists, meaning teams can quickly determine which schools are on our current target lists. Doing this allowed us to report on our target lists, look at geographical spread and applications data.

We are looking forward to utilising Datafiltr to help us refresh our target lists in the summer, for both the UK Recruitment team and the WP team.

Additionally, Datafiltr are keen to hear development requests and suggestions from users who do work in WP, which we see as a real positive as we look to fully embed this system across all our faculties for those who work in student recruitment and WP.

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