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School's data changes fast. We collate, relate and standardise government and applications data constantly so you don't have to.

Data pipelines to process government data

The Data Problem…

After more than 6 years working with many Universities we kept hitting problems trying to combine and match different datasets to schools. Each source of data (e.g. UCAS or DfE) uses its own identifiers and these are not related in other datasets. For example:

A single campus may belong to a large college group. Some campuses may be merged and there could also be an associated online apply centre for UCAS.

This makes creating relationships between constantly changing data very complicated.

So we built a way to relate the unrelated data

Spend your time using data instead

Let us spend the time spent collating, managing, enriching and cleansing data.

What took hours, days and sometimes even weeks using the in-house processes and systems at my previous institution, Datafiltr can do in seconds!

Vicky Downie - Senior Manager Outreach and Widening Participation, London South Bank University

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