Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Datafiltr. But we'd always recommend you book a demo as often questions are very specific to your University we can answer your questions directly.

How much does Datafiltr cost?
We operate on an annual subscription basis based on the number of user licenses. Please contact us for more information.
Do you provide all of the data?
There are 3 cornerstone datasets that power each customer account. The first is the schools dataset, updated from the DfE (and equivalent in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) which is refreshed constantly. The second dataset is your own applicant data split by Apply Centre and by HECoS/JACS Subjects. And finally there are 9 reports you can purchase from UCAS which further enhance your insights into schools.
Do I have to have the UCAS datasets to use Datafiltr?
Datafiltr will function without the UCAS datasets, but to fully utilise the platform we recommend purchasing at least the basic application figures.
To use the additional UCAS data, must we purchase it?
Yes, we have negotiated set prices for the various reports we recommend for use in Datafiltr. The price menu list is available on request.
Do you supply training for the software?
Yes, this is a very important aspect of our service provision. We run regular webinars, but there is also a complete Helpdesk with video support.
Does Datafiltr work for Student Recruitment and WP?
Yes it certainly does, and the beauty of using our software is that each team can see what other teams are doing, and each team can perform queries that relate to their own particular work flows. We now have multiple Universities who have multiple teams using the platform.
How often is the Schools data refreshed?
Datafiltr manages all the schools profile and performance data, so it is our job to keep records up to date from all relevant sources (and the number of changes to schools data is almost daily now). Other data sets are annual. You can be confident that you will be working with the most up-to-date schools data available.
Do you supply training for the software?
Yes, this is a very important aspect of our service provision. We run regular training webinars, in-person training when possible, and there is also a complete Helpdesk with video and documentation support.
Where is our data stored?
We host all of our software on Amazon Web Services inside Virtual Private Clouds in the London region datacentres.

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