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🤔 Why should I book an online demo?

Your institution's goals, the way you reach them and how your teams operate are unique. We work closely with over 25 universities and each is different.

Datafiltr is capable of a lot. Too much to squeeze into a 15-20 minute demonstration. So we want to understand what's important to you, in order to get you to results as fast as possible.

Datafiltr is not just software. We are a small, friendly team in Exmouth, Devon that will always try to help you.

🤔 How does the demo work?

We will arrange a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting with you, based on your chosen schedule. Beforehand we will have set up a bespoke account and designed a demo specifically around answering your specific needs. You will also received an invitation to become a user of this trial account.

Over the 15-20 minute demo, we will help get you logged in, show you how to invite other team members into the demo, and then go through the most important features that will help you reach your objectives quickly.

We also then leave your trial account active for a few weeks to enable you and your team to explore further. You can ask us questions at any point via the in-app chat support which you will be shown.

🤔 What information do I need to provide?

In order for us to create a bespoke demonstration we ask you to provide a brief description of the problems you are looking to solve and what you hope Datafiltr can help you with. You can enter this in the booking form along with your contact details.

🤔 How do I book the demo?

Simply go to the form below and choose a date and time that would suit you, and complete the fields. After you submit the form we will get notified and will then get in touch with you ASAP to arrange the video call.

🤔 If I want my institution to become a customer, what's next?

The process is pretty simple. We will send you a quote based on the number of users you wish to license and any upgrade options you wish to include.

If you are happy and want to proceed we'll get your subscription setup as soon as possible. We will send you our SLA and that includes information about data protection. We will also send you instructions on how to get additional data you may wish to use such as UCAS application data (and put this into the system).

We will also offer guidance on importing/exporting data from other systems you use, offer in-person training for your teams, and offer continue support as you go. You can read our testimonials and customer stories to see how focussed we are on customer support!

Arrange a time and tell us what you need

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